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Pure Option Top quality Water Therapy Solutions continuously review water softeners that are provided in the UK. It is so essential to choose the proper system that fits both the technological demands of your property and also certainly your spending plan.

Pure Choice Quality Water Treatment Systems is independent of any one vendor so we will certainly assist you with the labyrinth of choices.

For independent guidance please call us on 01458 860557. The image to the right reveals where some individuals have made the incorrect option– DO NOT let this be YOU!

Water softener assesses up until now (we will be pleased to review, with you any one of the UK water softeners not listed below, please full the form below).

Much, we have actually put together the following evaluations for water softeners from the UK marketplace.

Kinetico 2020c (high circulation): non electric block seawater softeners.
TwinTec S3: non electrical block salt water softeners.
Tapworks: electronic typical tablet computer salt water softeners.
Ecowater ESM 11+: digital traditional tablet salt water conditioners.
Hague 400 maximizer: electronic block salt or typical tablet seawater conditioners.
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Water conditioners: evaluations.

In the collection of the reviews for water softeners we think about the benefits as well as features specified in produces released product, together with out own consumer observations. Pure Choice makes every effort to review maker’s pamphlets as well as released data to create an easy basis for water softener contrasts.

Water softener testimonials: Kinetico 2020c HF.

The Kinetico brand name has been around for many years; first built in the U.S.A the Kinetico brand name ended up being popular in the UK throughout the 1980 ′ s. Until the early 2000 ′ s it regulated the top award of one of the most prominent non electric water softener in the UK water softener market place.

Allow us now consider the Kinetico 2020 c HF block salt water conditioners thoroughly.

The sales literature reviews well.

Portable design, matches a common cooking area cabinet.
Straightforward to use, very easy to preserve simply add salt.
Easy open cover for useful salt loading, hassle-free salt options block or tablet.

Currently for the truths.

The 2020c HF specification indicates either 0.22 or 0.3 kg of salt each regeneration and also will certainly utilize 18.9 litres (claimed, the real is 26 litres) of water to cleanse itself (regrow). It likewise states it can high flow water demands in your house.

Yet what the sales literature does not inform you is what does it cost? it will certainly cost you to keep going.

As an example, allow’s claim that 4 of you live in your home. You use an average of 140 litres of water each daily. Your water solidity is 300 mg/l (or ppm– components per million).

Some basic as well as fast computations:-.

Water usage.

Yearly water usage for 4 individuals at 140 litres of water per person per day = 204,400 litres each year.
For 300 mg/l water solidity the Kinetico 2020c HF will certainly give 370 litres of water in between self cleans up, (regeneration cycles). NB it is thought about safer for this firmness to make use of a setting of 296 litres.
So it therefore needs to cleanse at the very least 550 times a year, or with the conservative option at 296 litres per cycle 690 times a year, (nearly two times a day!).
Each tidy will call for 18.9 (declared on literary works, real test results is 26 litres) litres of water per cleaning cycle, therefore 10,395 litres (test show actual drainage is 17,940 litres of water every year will certainly be sent out away).
Let’s state that you get on a water meter, a normal price per 1000 litres of water is ₤ 3. So you will certainly spend, in reality, over ₤ 53 a year on water, just for the water softener alone.
( This tidy cycle water usage for the Kinetico 2020c HF water softener is over 8.7% of the real yearly water use.).

Currently for the salt price.

For each and every clean cycle making use of 0.3 kg each clean, the yearly usage is 207 kg a year.
Salt blocks been available in 8 kg packs, 2 x 4 kg per pack.
207 kg separated by 8 kg is very near 26 loads a year. That suggests that you will certainly have to load 1 packet of block salt every 2 weeks.
Kinetico web site salt prices are currently ₤ 106.08 for 20 packs.
The Kinetico 2020c HF water conditioners will certainly set you back the family of 4, in an average water firmness location of 300 mg/l, a total just over ₤ 190 a year to run. Let’s assume that you possess this sort of water softener for Ten Years. The overall running cost will certainly be ₤ 1900, without allowing for any rising cost of living.

Returning to the sales literature.

Small style, matches a typical kitchen area cabinet. Fantastic! “Compact” indicates little, also small will give tiny salt storage space quantity.
Easy to make use of, easy to preserve simply add salt. “Simple to use” with a high salt usage this implies constant dental filling, very easy yet a duty.
Easy open cover for helpful salt loading, convenient salt choices block or tablet computer. “Easy open lid” it needs to be for the variety of times you have to take care of it. Tablet salt will certainly be much less storage quantity without an unique adaption. A lot more constant salt filling periods.

Water softener testimonials: Twintec S3.

The within parts of a TwinTec S3 water softenerTwinTec water softener S3 made in the UK, unlike the Kinetico water conditioners which constructed in the USA. The TwinTec water softener S3, which is a non electric block salt water softener, is claimed to be one of one of the most advanced water conditioners offered. The TwinTec water softener S3 is sold with a special dealership network.

There are several regional dealers that are located over the Nation. It is reasonable to claim that these dealers will certainly intend to supply you with a TwinTec water softener as their preference to any other option of water conditioners.

Allow us look at functions and also benefits released in the sales literature for the TwinTec S3 water conditioners.

Tiny and also Compact.

The TwinTec water softener states that it the worlds tiniest twin cylinder non-electric water softener.

Little and also portable could be appealing, but often it may a concession. Occasionally, with a smaller under sized water softener (any type of make of water softener) you could actually observe less water power (pressure) in your shower, particularly if the tools is cleaning itself or one more participant of your house is utilizing water somewhere else. Stress drop across these sorts of water softeners are simply over 1 bar at 30 litres of water each minute. This is equivalent to state a contemporary shower running, cool as well as hot kitchen taps running water as well as perhaps the commode cistern re-filling. This is suitable for the majority of homes yet not all.

Compact and small excels as it will certainly match unpleasant areas that other conditioners would certainly not.

Twin Cyndrical tubes.

” For a continual supply of softener water 24 hours a day”.

Do you really require softened water 24-HOUR a day? Perhaps.

In justness the TwinTec water softener, twin cyndrical tube, does do a respectable job but it could allow you down as well as periodically offer you difficult water to your home.


No time clocks. No computer systems. No concerns.

The reference of time clocks and also computers for some individuals is frightening.

Suppliers will, to one of the most component, make a concern regarding these on various other water conditioners. As a result, indicating that the TwinTec water softener is much better compared to other water softener.

Correct, in some applications this may hold true, but no all, cases.

With any kind of non electric water softener (including the Kinetico water softeners) the system is predetermined in the manufacturing facility to cover an array of water firmness values. (Digitally regulated water softeners have substantially simpler fine adjusting to match the regional water harness.).

Do not be bothered with computers as well as water; water softeners have efficiently been using them for more than Two Decade. (And also, you do not need to maintain pushing buttons to establish them.). Old made time control water conditioners dating back to the 1960 ′ s 1970 ′ s 1980 ′ s as well as 1990 ′ s on the other hand are not good if you are subject to several power cuts.

Non electrical technology was pioneered back in the 1970 ′ s, and also has actually come a long method to currently be a top water softener modern technology of today.

Displacement Meter.

The precise measurement of water usage is really essential to any water softener, both non-electric and electrically operated water softeners. (The Kinetico non electrical water softener nonetheless does have water metering issues.

The kind of meter utilized in this softener is also made use of in some others. The variation meter transcends to wind turbine meters which do not measure water accurately at low tide flow prices.

Brine valve.

The one-of-a-kind salt water shutoff fitted to the TwinTec water softeners is certainly one-of-a-kind. It is designed for these water conditioners.

The TwinTec water softener leaves the factory pre-programmed with gearing for the in-built water meter as well as water solidity variety. The majority of people will obtain aggravated if the mounted water softener gives periodic difficult water. Again, fine tuning, if actually carried out inaccurately, could lead to difficult water.

View story at


” The current modern technology offers the finest granulometry of all”. Efficiently this is lingo.


The TwinTec water softener is said to have, “one of the most efficient regrowth, which just utilizes 17 litres of water per regrowth just in 10 minutes”.

This at first appears great.

Take an instance, a TwinTec water softener chosen for your residence that has a water hardness of say 300 components each million. Every 400 litres of water that is softened requires 17 litres of water to clean itself. When it is stated that other water softeners can utilize 80 litres of water to tidy, you possibly think that 17 litres of water is not a whole lot.

Let’s check out other contrasts.

Kinetico 2020c HF: 370 litres of soft water specification recommend 18.9 litres of water to tidy, this equates to over 5.1% (real determined is 26 litres of water to clean, this relates to over 7%).

TwinTec water softener S3: 400 litres of soft water needs 17.3 litres of water to clean, this relates to over 4.3%.


TwinTec State that: “The efficiency of the TwinTec out does other twin cyndrical tube water softener and also is unrivaled!”.

When compared to say a Kinetico twin non electrical water softener, a reasonable declaration.


The TwinTec water softener is made for all modern day installations. Not always the situation larger homes, as well as those with high circulation systems, typically gain from different a requirements water softener.

If your residence is fitted with high flow plumbing system, allow us consider that. A Megaflo un-vented hot water system is an extremely prominent pressurized hot water home heating system. Megaflo claim that the Megaflo eco can deliver up to 72 litres of hot water a min.

The TwinTec water softener S3 does not quickly cope with this. At moderate flow prices fine, the greater the flow rate demand the better the stress decrease throughout it.

The TwinTec water softener does insurance claim that their water conditioners is capable of providing flow prices over 55 litres per min. At 55 litres per min there will be a pressure loss of over 2.6 bar.


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